Tikr a Snack Activity Toy for Dogs

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Tikr a Snack Activity Toy for Dogs

The Tikr provides dogs with entertainment and fun as they work for their treats. 
The tikr has a built-in timer and strategically-sized holes. 
Load tikr with different sized snacks, then set the timer.
As the timer unwinds, the holes will slowly line up, allowing snacks to casually fall out according to size.
Tikr excites, surprises, and engages your dog's mind and body, all while helping to reduce anxiety issues!

How to use: 
Load tikr with an assortment of small, medium, and large snack sizes. Use specially designed tikr snacks to maximize the experience.
Twist the dial to set the timer to the desired amount of play. Up to 45 minutes. Keep'em guessing by randomizing the time.
Play time begins, as the timer slowly unwinds, snacks will begin to fall out when it's their time to go. 
First the small, then the medium, then lastly the large snack.

Package Includes:
1 x Tikr Snack Activity Toy

Ideal for:
Snacks that remain inside will keep dogs mesmerized as they play, for upwards of 45 minutes! They'll be continually rewarded along the way, with the largest snacks being saved for the very end.

Note: Snacks are not included