24 Grid Easy Store Egg Containers (Pack of 2)

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24 Grid Easy Store Egg Containers (Pack of 2)

This egg holder stores your eggs safely while preserving their freshness. 
This Egg Container Box holds up to 24 eggs in each container.
Distinctive see-through plastic egg holder makes it ideal for hygienic packaging. 
Eggs stay fresh for longer, securely stored, and neatly organized.
This egg holder keeps your eggs stacked securely in place, whether in the freezer, refrigerator, or cupboard.
Comes in a pack of 2 containers, and holds up to 48 Eggs (24 Eggs each).
Preserves and keeps eggs fresh for longer, in this durable plasitc egg containers!
Only Transparent Available

Package Includes:
2 x Easy Store Egg Containers

Ideal for:
Easy Store Egg Containers X2 (Holds 24 Eggs Each)