3.0L Droplet Air Humidifier

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3.0L Droplet Air Humidifier 

Improves the air condition.
Large 3L tank capacity
With adjustable mist spray.
Sleek, modern, quiet design.
Effectively adjusts the room's humidity levels.

Type: Droplet Air Humidifier 
Capacity: 3,0L
Power: 25W
Spray volume: 280ml - 380ml 
Noise level: less than 35 dB
Dimenions approx: 250mm x 210mm x 210mm
Color: Purple (may vary depending on production)

Package Includes:
1 x Droplet Air Humidifier 

Ideal for:
Droplet air humidifier is a simple one button control operation with a rotary control knob for adjustable water-vapor flow control.