8 Nozzle EZ Jet Water Spray Gun Cannon Water Dispenser Power Car Washer Soap Sprayer

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8 Nozzle EZ Jet Water Spray Gun Cannon Water Dispenser Power Car Washer Soap Sprayer

Multi-function jet spray gun, for general cleaning use or fertilizing.
Spray gun has a built in soap/detergent/fertilizer chamber dispenser.
Easily attaches to garden hose, with adjustable spray head and 8 spray nozzle patterns.
Choose from Straight, Jet, Mist, Shower, Angle, Flat, Fan or Faucet spray pattern.
You can wash away dirt with precision jet, or water plants with mist spray.
It has an adjustable water volume lever, excellent pressure control.
It is really light in weight with a long barrel design.
You can select Off, Spray or Soap setting.
It is easy for you to hold and use for extended periods of time.
It is durable, and ideal for home, garden or vehicle use.

Measures approx: 15 x 43 x 15cm
Material: ABS Plastic
Soap Cup Capacity approx: 3.5 fl. oz.

1 x Multi-function Jet Water Cannon Spray Gun

Ideal for:
Blast away all those dirty jobs with this amazing spray gun / jet water cannon / power washer / precision jet sprayer  which features a 3-way flow control switch (soap, rinse, off) and an adjustable spray head with 8 spray patterns: jet, precision jet, mist, rain, angled fan, horizontal fan, vertical fan and soaker which automatically mixes your favorite liquid soaps, cleaners or waxes you can wash and wax your car in just minutes with less hassle. Can also be used for dispensing fertilizer, wash and clean your car, those hard to reach house windows, spray down the sidewalk or gently water your garden.  

1. Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2. The color may vary slightly due to difference in lighting display.