Alarm Lock Padlock 110db Siren

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Alarm Lock Padlock 110db Siren

Scare away would be thieves, intruders or vandals
Quick and easy to set
Batteries last for up to 6 months
Can be used unarmed
High security design
110 db alarm that sounds when tampered
Two settings - active alarm and inactive alarm
Powered by 6pcs LR44 Button Batteries (Included)
3pc High-security cut keys

Ideal for:
Use on sheds, gates, garages, lockups, motor bikes, bicycles, toolboxes, trailers, caravans, lawn mowers, garden machines, on site kits etc etc, the list is endless.

Additional Information:

The new concept that gives the user double the security of a conventional padlock. Once armed, if the padlock is moved or knocked the loud two tone alarm will sound. This siren continues for 10 seconds and is a great deterant to the would be thief or opportunist burglar.

This new design makes it very difficult for the sound to be muffled and the siren is loud enough to put off all but the most determined. After ten seconds the padlock re-arms ready to deter the next person foolish enough to tamper with it.

By combining two devices in one this padlock is suitable for hundreds of security applications, allowing the user to protect items that previously would be difficult to alarm and are often taken in opportunistic thefts, such as lawn mowers, barbeque equipment, tool boxes, garden ornaments and urns, hanging baskets, garden furniture and machinery.