Backlight Gaming Keyboard Tri-Color

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Backlight Gaming Keyboard Tri-Color

Backlight Gaming Keyboard
Backlight color is adjustable between 3 colors (Red, Blue, Purple)
Brightness is adjustable  
Multiple keys work simultaneously

Interface: Compatible withUSB 1.1 / 2.0
Cable length approx: 1.5m
Measurement of keyboard approx: 440mm x 137mm x 38mm
Key number: 104 Keys
Key function: Multimedia keys

Special key caps: The key caps are suspended to help it keep a good flexibility

Colors are adjustable: Pressing FN + SL to switch the colors of backlighting of the keyboard.  Three colors are selectable (Blue, Red, Purple)

Brightness is adjustable: Three levels of brightness are adjustable by pressing FN + up arrow to elevate the brightness or FN + down arrow to impair the brightness

19 Keys work at the same time: The keyboard will work well, even 19 keys are inputs simultaneously.  The 19 keys are Q, A, Z, W, S, X, E, D, C, B, Space, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Both Side Arrows, Tab, Alt-L/V, Ctrl-L/F, Shift-L

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1 x Backlight Gaming Keyboard

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Backlight Gaming Keyboard Tri-Color