Bullet Grinder Crusher for Tobacco, Herbs & Spices

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Bullet Grinder Crusher for Tobacco, Herbs & Spices

3 part grinder crusher
24 sharp pyramid teeth
Magnetic cap
Scew on base
High polish finish
Approx. Dimensions 45mm High x 40mm diameter

Ideal for:
Can be used to grind all types of herbs & spiceS, or simply use to grind tobacco.

Made of sturdy metal and 24 sharp pyramid teeth, the grinder shreds spice, herbs or tabacco into small pieces. It consists of three parts. The bottom section, where the faux bullet rims are, has 12 of the teeth, while the middle has a further 12 teeth and a fine mesh. When these two are attached together with herbs inside them and twisted, the teeth, passing closely with each other, tear and grind the herbs giving them a fluffy texture. The ground herbs are then transferred to the third section thorugh the fine mesh for storage, waiting to be mixed with your food etc.