Cake Pops Baking Pan

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Cake Pops Baking Pan

Tasty Top Cake Pops Bake Pops Metal Pan includes Sticks
Fast & easy way to make scrumptous cake pops
Robust quality baking cake pop pan
Base and lid snap easily together for uniformed pops
Makes 12 cake pops at a time includes 12 sticks
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Instructions included

Ideal for:
The Bake Pops Kit lets you make fun and delicious bite-sized cake pops which kids love. They are small, round bits of cake that are attached to end of a stick.

It is the newest food sensation and are replacing cupcake as the new to go cake food. You can use any cake mix that you want with the Bake Pops pan.

Once they are done baking, decorate them any way you like and you’ll have your own cake pops.

They’re great for birthdays, holidays, parties, or other events.