Central Lock Locking System Kit for 4 Door Car

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Central Lock Locking System Kit for 4 Door Car

Ultrasonic welding and waterproof
Fit for anti-theft system of any vehicle
Lock or unlock doors to activate the central locking system
Rotatable by 360 degree
Compatible with output of remote control safety lock or unlocking
One way or Two way control available

Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Control box size approx: 6cm x 4cm x 2.5cm
Actuator size approx: 14cm x 6cm x 3cm
Working voltage: DC12V
Distance: 20mm
Static torsion: more than 3kg

Package Includes:
1 x Control box
4 x Actuators
1 x Connection cable of 8pin
1 x Screw Package
1 x Installation Fittings

Ideal for:
Please refer to the instructions about the specific connection method