Digital Clamp Multimeter

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Digital Clamp Multimeter

1 x Digital Clamp Meter
1 x Double Insulated Leads
1 x 9V Battery
1 x Handy Carry Bag
1 x User Manual

Digital Clamp Meter with data hold function for easy reading
LCD display with a max reading of 1999
Clamp Meter comes with double-insulated leads
Clamp meter with high accuracy and good reliability
Low battery power indication
Versatility of use with AC/DC voltage and resistance measurement
Easily stored in the handy carry bag included

Resistance: Max 20Kohm
DC Voltage: Max 1000V
AC Voltage: Max 750V
AC Current: Max 1000A
LCD Screen Approx: 45mm x 15mm
LCD Maximum Display: 1999
Powered by 1 x 9V Battery

Ideal for:
The Digital Clamp Meter is a portable multimedia used for electrical diagnostic applications, to detect and measure electrical fields around wires.  The transformer jaw/clamp mounted on top of the Clamp Meter can accurately measure the amount of the current flowing through a particular conductor, without the need to probe live electrically charged wires directly, they are commonly used by electricians, serviceman, technicians or anyone who needs to do specific measurements etc.