DIY 8 Piece Multifunction Paint runner Pro Roller Paint Brush Set

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DIY 8 Piece Multifunction Paint runner Pro Roller Paint Brush Set

Cover more area faster and more evenly.
No spills and less paint wastage.
Clean-up is quick and easy.
Excellent finish on any surface, rough or smooth.
With Flocked Edger and Corner Pad cutting in has never been easier.
No wasting time bending down to your paint tray to reload the roller (easier on your back, too!)

Material: Plastic PP new material,Brush: Sponge + Flocking
Pieces: 8 Piece set
Color: Blue
Packing Size approx: 31.5cm x 23cm x 10cm

Package Includes:
1 × User Manual
1 × Paint Runner Pro
1 × Flocked Edger
1 × Corner Cutter Painter
1 × Resting Tray
1 × Easy Flow Paint Pouring Jug
3 × Extending Poles

Ideal for:
Save loads of time, money and mess with traditional paint rollers. No prep time, No drop sheets, No tape masking. Just Pour and Paint to revitalize any wall or surface in just a few minutes.

Warning :
Please Do not Pour the Paint too Full,or it will Drip out, half full container paints would be OK.
Do not exposure the brush under the sun too long , otherwise the plastic brush will become brittle easily.

1. Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2. The color may vary slightly due to difference in lighting display.