DIY Wireless GSM K6 V3 Smart Home House Business Office Shop Security System Alarm System

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Remote Control Wireless Smart Home House Business Office Shop Security System GSM SIM Card Alarm System (V3 Alarm)

Advanced wireless burglar alarm system that will SMS you or PHONE you on your cell phone if alarm is triggered. (Voice and SMS alerts)

Arm or Disarm from any landline or cell phone.

Easy & convenient usage, simple 5 minutes setup with flexible configuration options.

Panic/Help Function Button! Sends a SMS to stored numbers medical personnel or family members at the push of a button! (dedicated button on the supplied remote controls)

GSM sim card Network Based Plus Backup Battery - If buglars cut your phone line or electrical power you are still protected.

Unlimited uses home, office, shop, warehouse, garage, storage units, flats, garden flats, out buildings, caravans, camping sites, etc etc etc

List of Major Functions:

Enhanced Wireless GSM Smart Security DIY SMS Alarm System.
Remote 2 Way Intercom.
Telephone and Mobile Phone Remote Control Programming.
SMS Remote Control Preset & Arm/Disarm The Main Panel.
SMS Alarm Content Can Be Changed.
Can Connect Other Wireless Devices Siren Smoke etc (Option).
10 Second Automatic Message Recording.
4 Wired Guard Zones and 6 Wireless Guard Zones
1 Normally Open/Closed signal Output
10-second ISD automatic message recording
Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer
Built-in artificial intelligent English message
Alarm locking memory and information clear for easy checking
Enabling guard while going out, enabling guard at home, and enabling guard by remote control
Wireless intelligent learning encoding and convenient additional accessories
Mobile phone (telephone) enabling guard, disabling guard and monitoring by remote control
Real-time, delay, all day, bypass guard area
The warning tone of guard enabling and disabling operations by remote control can be set.
E2PROM information protection can protect the information from loss after powering off
Built in NI-HI rechargeable battery is available to provide power supply automatically after powering off
10 Groups Of Timely Arm & Disarm.
10 Groups Reply To Timely Control The Home Appliances Open Or Close.
10 Second Automatic Message Recording.
Built In Intelligent English Message.
Alarm Locking Memory And Information Clear For Easy Checking.
One-Key-Control Function: Out Arm,Home Arm,Remote Arm.
Wireless Intelligent Learning Encoding And Comply Additional Accessories.
Arm,Disarm,Monitor And Intercom By Remote Calling The Alarm Unit.
Real-Time, Delay, 24 Hours, Bypass Defense Zones Programming Function.
Built In NI - HI Rechargeable Battery Is Available To Provide Power Supply Nearly 5 Hours Automatically After Power Off.
AC And DC Dual Use Are Available For 24 Hours A Day.
Main Unit Anti - Tamper And Low Voltage Detection Function.
Pre - Recorded And Recordable Messages.
Very Loud Siren 110 Decibels.
Long Distance Monitor via Phone or Cell Phone.
Keeps Record Of Alarm History For Easy Reference.

System Specifications:

Input DC Voltage : 9V-12V
Standby Current : <55mA
Warning Current : <450mA
Wireless Frequency : 433mhz V3 Alarm
GSM Frequencies : 2 GSM band 900/1800MHZ or 3 Band 900/1800/1900 MHz
Backup Battery : 7.4V NI-HI Battery (5 Hours During Power Cuts)
Alarm Loudness : 120dB
Wireless distance: 100m
Wireless zones supported: 6 zones (Unlimited Motion Dectectors per Zone)
Wired zones supported: 4 zones (Additional with Proper Wiring Per Zone)
Voice call phone number: Store 6 Numbers
Sms phone number: Store 3 Numbers
GSM Signal Pass/Fail indicator
Self-Test Boot Up

Package Contents:

1 x GSM Alarm System
6 x Wireless PIR Motion Detector
1 x Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor
2 x Wireless Remote Controller
1 x High Power Siren (120dB)
1 x AC-DC Power Adapter
1 x English User Manual
1 x All Batteries & Fixtures Included

(*) SIM card is not provided. Purchase From Local Mobile Operator.