Electric Breast Pump (Single)

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Electric Breast Pump (Single)

Portable, durable single electric breast pump with rechargeable battery.
Very useful to have with you whether you are staying at home, on the job or traveling away from your baby.
Effectively drains the breast and helps to maintain an adequate breastmilk supply.
High quality PP materials, and comes with a BPA free feeding bottle for a safe, hazard-free feeding experience.

Type: Single Electric Breast Pump
Size: 150ml
Rated power: 3.6W
Rated voltage: 5V 1A
Rated current: 600mA
Rated frequency: 50Hz

Package Includes:
1 x Single Breast Pump
1 x Feeding Bottle

Ideal for:
Not to be used by multiple users to ensure hygiene and avoid any potential health risks.