Emergency Flare LED Road Safety Light

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Emergency Flare LED Road Safety Light

16 Bright LEDs with 360 Degree coverage
Durable construction, no sparks or open flames
9 Modes combinations of light/flashing
Built-in rechargeable battery
Visible for upto approximately 1km 
Stong magnetic base for mounting to metal surfaces
Water and dustproof casing in a stackable design
Unit can be charged with a 12V car charger or a 220V wall charger
Colors: White, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red
Flash Patterns: Rotate, Quad Flash, Single blink, Alternating blinks, SOS Rescue flash, Steady on, Steady on low, Steady 2 LED, Steady 4 LED
Easily mounts to metal surfaces light planes, boats, road hazards, cars, trucks, hunters, neighbourhood watch members, signal for help, underwater diving, repair or emergency situations.
Comes with Emergency flare single color, cigarette lighter charger, AC wall charger and USB Cable
NB:  Please check which colors are available first 

Ideal for:
The Emergency Flare Light provides speedy lighting in any emergency situation whether it be indoor or outdoors. It comes with a wall and car charger and it has a durable casing that is both dustproof and waterproof. It has 9 different flash modes, each with either different or static flash/light patterns.

Strong magnets enable it to be placed on the roof of a car. The rubber housing prevents the electronic LED flare from scratching the vehicles paint work. It can withstand highspeeds. Perfect for Neighbourhood watch and other emergency personnel using their private vehicles to race to an emergency scene.