Foam Training Nunchaku

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Foam Training Nunchaku

1 x Nunchaku  

Foam grip texture on both ends

Approx. Dimensions:
Per handle length: 270mm
Chain length:  210mm
Open length: 747mm
Diameter: 30mm

Ideal for:
A very effective weapon if you know how to use it, this set is especially great for beginners, chain with ball bearing swivel joints offer easier mobility when practicing techniques, and they are covered with cushion foam padding.
The Nunchaku consists of two wood or metal rods connected by a short length of chain and is a modern weapon, there are many variations of the nunchaku / nunchaka / night stick / baton ranging from the three sectional staff (san-setsu-kon nunchaku), to smaller multi-section nunchaku. The nunchaku was popularized by Bruce Lee in a number of his films movies made in both Hollywood and Hong Kong