Handy Multi Knife Tool Combo Set of 4

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Handy Multi Knife Tool Combo Set of 4

Single stand alone sturdy handle with a length of 125mm
Blade combo x 4
Blades clip into the handle for easy use
Easily change between the various blades as required
Comes with belt pouch with pocket slots for the blades and handle

Knife Blade 1:
Blade: 145mm
Overall Length: 200mm
Features: Sharp blade, Gut/belt cutter, Bottle opener

Knife Blade 2:
Blade: 120mm
Overall Length: 170mm
Features: Sharp blade

Knife Blade 3:
Serrated Saw Blade: 150mm
Overall Length: 218mm
Features: Sharp Serrated Saw blade

Knife Blade 4:
Axe Blade: 115mm
Overall Length:155mm
Features: Sharp blade, Gut/belt cutter

Ideal for:
An all in one combo knife set tool, perfect for any outdoor person