High Power Super Bright 10W T6 LED Rechargeable Spotlight Floodlight

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High Power Super Bright 10W LED Rechargeable Spotlight Floodlight

1 x Spotlight with built-in rechargeable battery
1 x AC 110V - 220V charging cable
1 x 12V DC car charger
1 x Carrying strap
1 x Instruction leaflet

10,000,000 Candle power powerful 10 Watt LED spotlight
10W LED hand held spotlight searchlight LED lantern
Built-in  sealed lead acid rechargeable battery
Built-in strap brackets
Swivel On/off switch
Multi-adjustable handle with ground stand

Ideal for:
Powerful 10W LED spotlight with a multi-adjustable swivel handle which is great for patrol searches, home, caravan, boat, car, vehicle, block watches, community policing forums etc.