iFlash Device HD for iOS Android & Mac PC 16GB

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iFlash Device HD for iOS Android & Mac PC 16GB

i-Flash Device HD For iOS/Android & Mac/PC
External memory expansion for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Secured file encryption for private files
Manage all your data directly on the iOS-Device
(create, copy, move, delete, rename, open and many more)
Playback Videos/Music directly from external memory
Backup and restore your contact list
Document viewer for all major file formats
Voice recorder / Text editor
Dropbox support

Compatibility with:
iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone 5C
iPad4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini2
iPod Touch 5, iPhone 6, iPad 6

Ideal for:
The standard USB is compatible with all USB based computers and OTG enabled Android phones.  And at the other end it works for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad