Inflatable Unicorn Foil Balloon Large

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Inflatable Unicorn Foil Balloon Large
This large inflatable rainbow unicorn balloon is a favorite with all little girls and fairytale believers.
Made from aluminium foil materials, it is safe and non-toxic.
No knots required, can be re-used time and time again, with automatic sealing.
Warning to users that balloon must be inflated slowly and carefully to avoide over-inflation.
Balloon can be filled with air only, simply inflate by inserting a straw and blow through the straw.
Balloon can be filled with helium which will float when filled, can be taken to a store that has a helim tank for filling balloons.

Type: Inflatable Foil Balloon
Design: Rainbow Unicorn
Self-sealing: Yes
Balloon size approx: 106cm x 87cm 

Package Includes:
1 x Foil Balloon

Ideal for:
Suitable for birthday parties and other celebrations.