Kids Kinetic Sand Moving Motion Magic Sand

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Kids Kinetic Sand Moving Motion Magic Sand

Kinetic sand is totally reusable it never dries out and can be used again and again
Motion sand flows and shapes just like wet sand, but leaves surfaces and hands completly dry
Magic sand keeps its shape, allowing for sculpting and moulding
Moving sand is mess-free, soft, stretchy play sand it only sticks to itself
Builds on a childs fine motor skills, visual motor skills and more
Play sand creates construction visual art, it helps a child improve creativity and imagination
Suitable for ages 3 years and older with adult supervision, also used by Adults as a soothing aid
Made of 98% pure sand with special binding agents that holds the sand together ensuring no mess for interesting play
Available in a variety of colors please specify your preferances (Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red)

Package Includes:
Comes with, approx 500g Moving Sand
4 molds stored in a 1Kg PL bucket with lid and carry handle

Ideal for:
Soft squeezable sand is fund and educational.  Motion sand stimulates children's creativity keeping them interested and occupied with imaginative moulding and sculpting.  

Kinetic sand is sometimes used for play therapy by play therapists and is also soothing to the touch.