LED Luminous Glo Balloons Pack of 5

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LED Luminous Glo Balloons Pack of 5

Light up the party with these glowing balloons
Comes in packs of 5 with a mixed variety of coloured balloons
Pull tab to light the internal LED
Once activated each balloon stays lit for upto 15 hours
Easy to activate - just pull the tab
Not suitable for ages 3 and under (choking hazard)
Great for kids parties, Christmas and other festivities

Package Includes:
1 x Pack of 5 LED Luminous Balloons

Ideal for:
These inflatable spheres of fun are balloons that light up. How? Well here’s the clever bit: each balloon contains a tiny LED. Simply pull the tab to activate the light, and then blow up the balloon as normal. Brilliant! You can even fill them with helium for fully floating lights.

Ideal for night time, both indoors and outside, balloons will add an enchanting glow to parties, weddings and more. And because each balloon glows for about 15 hours you can party till the sun comes up.