Lipstick Pepper Spray Small

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Lipstick Pepper Spray Small

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Effective & Non-Lethal

Ideal For: 

General Public Personal Protection!!!

Pepper sprays/fogs/streams, are aerosols which contain the extracts of extremely hot chilli peppers as their main ingredient.   Pepper sprays/fogs/streams, are the most effective & 

non-lethal weapon available - for use against single or multiple attackers.

Your pepper spray/fog/stream, will blind an attacker, cause temporary breathing difficulties and some major pain, allowing time for you to escape or in certain instances giving you the 

required time to effect an arrest.

The effects of using pepper spray/fog/streams, on an attacker will drop him/her in seconds and you will be safe, as all symptoms are temporary and are not life threatening!