Magic Revolving World Globe 14 cm

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Magic Revolving World Globe 14 cm

A globe that rotates on any flat surface!
Splits across equator for battery access
Geographically accurate representation of countries and world areas
Quiet automatic rotation
Acurate educational referencing
Bright contrasting colors
Requires 1 x AA battery (not included)
Suitable for ages 4+ years
Approx. Dimensions: 14cm diameter

Ideal for:
It makes a great gift for the office and any budding young geographers, and is more than just a map of our globe’s countries and borders. The mini sphere is complete with colour-coded countries, and details every place on earth including capital cities and seas. It’s educational too, as it improves your knowledge of the world, a welcome distraction from work when you’re planning those extra holidays. Magic Rotating Globe

This isn’t just a globe though, it’s a Magic Rotating Globe simply place it on a flat surface and the globe revolves, taking you around the world in just a few speedy seconds. All you require is a single AA battery (not included) to get your travels on the move, and its longevity will have you wondering why you didn’t have one before. How does it work you ask? Well that’s all part of the magic.