Microwave Placement Shelf Rack

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Microwave Placement Shelf Rack

Safe to use, durable materials.
Placement rack is collapsible, easy to use and stores away easily.
Can stand-up, and can also be used as a tray.
Insulated pad use, designed specifically for microwave.
Multiple disc type anti-skid lines and bottom can be folded and store conveniently.

Type: Microwave Placement Rack
Temperature: -20 degree - 120 degree
Non-slip: Yes
Foldable: Yes
Dimensions approx: 23.5cm x 8.3cm
Color: Shipped randomly

Package Includes:
1 x Micro Placement Rack

Ideal for:
The microwave placement rack, doubles the space inside your microwave, it is made of PP plastic and is heat resistant, can easily collapse for multiple types of uses, can be used as a shelf, tray for hot dishes an insulation disk over bowls, pots etc.