Multifunction Window Glass Shower Mirror Cleaner

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Multifunction Window Glass Shower Mirror Cleaner

Multifunction window glass shower mirror cleaner
Clean any smooth surface without leaving streaks or traces
Leaves your surface clear and sparkling
Internal and external use
Allows you to clean curved surfaces
Conforms to any surface and eliminates any trace of dirt
No more water dripping and spreading everywhere
When done simply pour the dirty water in the bucket and down the drain

Package Includes:
1 x Multifunction Window Cleaner with Attachments

Ideal for:
Internal and external windows, verandas, vertical, sloping etc. without drips and splashes, tiles of each type, mirrors, kitchens, the glass table tops and of course, shower enclosures.

You can also clean curved surfaces, which will be perfectly clean, no flaws, stains or drops.