Nunchaku Nightstick Baton Wood Budget Quality

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Nunchaku Nightstick Baton Wood Budget Quality

Wood finish

Dimensions approximate:
Per handle length: 250mm
Chain length:  230mm
Open length: 740mm
Diameter: 30mm

Package Includes:
1 x Nunchaku Nightstick Baton

Ideal for:
A very effective weapon if you know how to use it

The Nunchaku consists of two wood or metal rods connected by a short length of chain and is a modern weapon, there are many variations of the nunchaku / nunchaka / night stick / baton ranging from the three sectional staff (san-setsu-kon nunchaku), to smaller multi-section nunchaku. The nunchaku was popularized by Bruce Lee in a number of his films movies made in both Hollywood and Hong Kong