Paint Zoom All Purpose Home Paint Sprayer

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Paint Zoom All Purpose Home Paint Sprayer

Easily, quickly and effectively renew the walls of your home
Paint Sprayer with spray settings for home use
Cover approximately 15 square meters in 10 minutes
Versatile all purpose use like bleaches, brighteners, disinfectants and more
Suitable for a variety of paints, water based paints, water-based varnish, Protective coatings, Paint coatings for wood surface etc.

Voltage: 220V
Work Air pressure: 2-5PSI (15kPa)
Covers: 15m²/10min
Motor speed: 32000rpm
Power consumption: 650w
Paint tank: 800ml
Fluid nozzle: 2.0mm
Hose length: 1.5m

Package Includes:
1 x Paint Sprayer Kit

Ideal for:
Paint Sprayer is a one stop solution for all your painting needs. It's powerful and enables you to get done with all your painting quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to traditional painting apparatus such as brushes and rollers, as this paint sprayer enables you to cover a large surface area with ease and without compromising on quality. The Paint Sprayer is effective not just on flat walls, but also on paneling, ceilings, stucco, brick, concrete, wood, etc. With the Paint Sprayer, you can paint, stain, or varnish like a pro.