Puppy Potty Training Pad

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Puppy Potty Training Pad

Perfect pets, 3 Layer Puppy Potty Training Pad
Puppy training has never been easier with the grass simulated mat
Great for indoor, patios, holiday etc. for when your pet can't go outside
Comes with Odour resistant mat, plastic mesh tray, durable collection tray
Easy to clean, just rinse with soapy water or spray with high pressure hose
Approx. Size, 470mm x 340mm x 60mm

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The Puppy Potty Pad is an innovative way of teaching your dog where to to the toilet when they can't go outdoors.  The first layer is an antimicrobial and odour resistant artifical turf that tives off an organic scent, attracting dogs to use it.  The second layer is a plastic mesh tray that allows the liquid to drain through it into the collection tray underneath.  The collection tray is durable and wipe clean, making cleaning up after your puppy a quick and easy job