Rare Earth Magnets Circular 12mm (X10)

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Rare Earth Magnets Circular 12mm (X10)

Lightweight and super strong magnets for a variety of projects
Super-strong magnetisim
Five times stronger than strip magnets
Perfect for sticking notes on fridge doors
They are hard to break apart once they get stuck with each other
Workshop use, experiments, supermarkets, home, garages, DIY projects and more

Shape: Round
Plating: Nickel
Color: Silver
Diameter: 12mm
Thickness: 2mm

Package Includes:
10 x Magnets

Ideal for:
Until you have actually used rare-earth magnets, you cannot appreciate their strength. Rare-earth magnets achieve maximum attractive force when sandwiched between two pieces of steel or object.

There are hundreds of uses for these magnets – from holding keys or wrenches on machines to making fridge magnets. Nickel plated with rounded edges, they can be glued in place with almost any glue (epoxy is the most secure).

CHOKING HAZARD. Contains small magnets. Not for children under 3 years. Magnets should not be left in the hands of young children. Swallowing any magnet can be dangerous. Seek immediate medical attention if a magnet is swallowed or inhaled.

Strong magnetic field. Keep magnets away from all electronic equipment (e.g, computers, television screens, mobile phones etc.) or other items that have information stored magnetically (e.g., credit cards, bank cards, computer disks). Magnets can corrupt stored data if placed too near.