Rat Trap Quick Clip Jaws 1 x Large Traps

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Rat Trap Quick Clip Jaws 1 x Large Traps

Quick Clip Jaws Rat Trap
For effective rodent control
Interlocking teeth make rat escape virtually impossible
Perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity, speed & responsiveness
Can be placed anywhere and even tied to pipes or beams that rats may use as highways
Simply place some bait under the bait cover, put the trap in place and wait

Ideal for:
Getting rid of rats isn’t always easy, do you find that the standard rat killing pellets are not working, try these plastic super strong quick clip jaw rat traps which will catch them every time

Keep out of reach of children and pets, this is not a toy and and should not be used as such.  Be extremely careful when loading the trap so as not to catch your fingers, the spring is under high tension, ensure trap is hold firmly open while placing bait and setting, as severe injury can occur.  Store in a safe place, when not in use. Ensure that the vermin is dead, before disposing of it.  As this product is used outside of our control, we cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage or misuse whatsoever.