Replacement Cylinder Valve Cap Large Thread

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Replacement Cylinder Valve Cap Large Thread 

Guerrilla Air Tanks are pushing the envelope to make their tanks as light and small as possible, without sacrificing quality or reliability. For example: their 68ci Tank weighs in at 2.25 pounds. That’s almost half a pound under most of the other similar size paintball tanks. For most paintballers, that’s a big deal!

Myth Regulator Features:
Low Profile
Light Weight
Increased Shot Count
Astounding 0.75" Length from ASA to Bottle
Reg Weighs only 3.5 oz
Virtually instantaneous recharge
Replaceable head tip (if the lip around the valve is damaged, you only need to replace the tip, not the entire valve)
All Cyclinder are shipped empty

Guerrilla Air Myth HPA tanks are light weight, low profile and provide an increased shot count over other regulators,and at a great price.