Research Institute Speed Logic Game

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Research Institute Speed Logic Game

This Speed Logic Game exercises the logic centers of your brain.
Gives players a spatial perception workout as they must figure out how to transfer balls back and forth between the tubes in such a way as to reach their goal.
Sometimes this might require a lot of finagling, or sometimes it can be done in just a few transfers.
Because of the restriction that disallows players to drop the balls, players must exercise patience and self-control.
While at the same time working on the aforementioned logic and spatial perception skills.
Research Institute Game Speed Logic Game consists of 12 test tubes, 24 balls in 3 different colors, and a set of challenge cards.
The challenge cards display pictures of different combinations of the colored balls in test tubes.
As each challenge card is revealed, players race to duplicate the picture on the card, using their test tubes and colored balls.
The catch? Players must transfer balls by pouring them from one tube to another. 
Players cannot pick up balls with their hands, and the balls cannot fall out of the tubes onto the playing surface. 
The first player to recreate the pattern on the challenge card yells, (Eureka) and the next round begins.
The enclosed instructions describe several variations for game play.

Type: Speed Logic Game
Players: 2-4
Play time: 15 min
Ages: 3 and up

Package Includes:
54 x Cards
12 x Tubes
24 x Balls
1 x Instruction Manual

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Research Institute Speed Logic Game