Scrabble Junior Board Game

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Scrabble Junior Board Game

Scrabble Junior Crossword Letter Crafting Game
My first scrabble game
The game grows with you!
Double-sided game board (Level 1 Match words) (Level 2 Make up your own words)
Adult assembly required
Suitable for ages 5 years and older
Between 2 - 4 Players

Package Includes:
1 x Scrabble Junior Game Board
1 x Set of Letter Tiles
4 x Tokens
1 x Game Guide

Ideal for:
Letter Sprinter says: I'm super fit and speedy, quick at rearranging letters.  Give your brain a wordy workout when you play with me!
DJ Word says: I'm a cool character and I dig the rhythms of language and life.  You'll never miss a beat when you're making words with me!
Word Surfer says:I'm always ready to dive into the sea of letters.  You'll find waves of words if you learn to spell with me!
Whacky Wordy says: I'm a fun-hunter and always ready for wordplay.  Stick with me and I'll help you make some winning letter combos!