Security CCTV Tester Kit with 3.5 Inch TFT Color Display

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Security CCTV Tester Kit with 3.5 Inch TFT Color Display

CCTV Tester, video monitor tester, security monitoring professional testing tool
3.5inch TFT color display
Video format NTSC, PAL automatically
Adapt and standard PTZ control
Multi-standard color bar pattern generator
Audio input test
Cable test function
PTZ protocol analyzer
12V DC power output
Dimension approx, 170mm x 99mm x 48mm
Comes with: CCTV Tester, Charger 5V 1.0A, Aduio Video Line, BNC Line, RS485 Line, 12V Output Line, Cable Test Box, Lanyard, Zippered Carry Bag with compartments and User Manual

Video Test:
3.5inch TFT-LCD with 960 x 240 resolution
Lights adapt to the dark repair work environment
Signal mode, NTSC/PAL (auto adapt)
Video In/Out, 1 Channel BNC Input & 1 Channel Output

Video Signal Generation:
Colorbar video gerator, output one channel PAl/NTSC colorbar video signal for testing monitor or video cable

PTZ Controller:
Communication, Simplex and RS485
PTZ Protocol, Compatible with multi-protocol  such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic etc.
Baud Rate, Multi-Baud rate ranging from 150, 600 to 19200bps

UTP Cable Test:
Cable testing, it is powerful in testing LAN cable, measuring the connecting status, displaing the sequence of connection and the number of LAN cable

Power Output:
DC12v 1A power output for camera

Audio Input:
Audio input testing, testing the audio signal from pickup devices
RS485 Data Analyst:
Data analyst, captures and analyzes RS485 controlling data

Power adapter, DC5V 1A
Built-in Lithium Ion Polymer Battery (3.7V DC3000mAh)
The device is high power-efficient, energy saving and environmental protection

Ideal for:
Professional design, light and portable, video display and data control are deliberately integrated, which makes the instrument so simple, practical and easy to use.

CCTV testers are developed for on-site installation and maintenance of video monitorying systems.