Solar Panel Battery Cellphone Charger 5V

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Solar Panel Battery Cellphone Charger 5V

Charge for emergency light
Peak power: 2W
Maximum power current: 0.27A
Maximum power voltage: 5V
Short circuit current: 0.31A
Open circuit voltage: 8.2V
Maximum system voltage: 1000
Wind resistance: 2400pa
Approx size: 135mm x 135mm x 15mm

Package Includes:
1 x Solar panel with attached output cable with usb

Ideal for:
2W solar panel is suitable to use as an external rechargeable power for 3.6v - 4.2V battery in solar lamps, garden light etc. Will work on many cellphones with 5v usb cable. It can also be useful for solar projects

This panel is for 5V systems, and does not charge 6V batteries