SPA PR900W PCP Air Rifle 4.5mm .177 cal

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SPA is developing into a leading manufacturer of spring powered and PCP airguns. The company combines good designs and quality for an unbeatable price. 

The SPA PR900W is a single/multishot co2 air rifle, it comes with a magazine and a single shot adapter. This portable and light rifle has a right handed beeck stock but can also be operated by left handed shooters. Other features are the metal front sight, adjustable trigger and a manual safety.

Caliber 4.5 mm / .177, 5.5 mm / .22
Power source:PCP
Fill pressure (bar / psi):200 / 2900
Velocity (fps) 900 - 4.5 mm / .177 800 - 5.5 mm / .22
Velocity (PBA/fps) 1100 - 4.5 mm / .177 1000 - 5.5 mm / .22
Cocking system:Bolt action
Magazine Capacity:7, 9
Weight (gram):2270
Barrel Length (mm):450
Total length (mm):950
Sights:Open sights
Scope:Not Included
Sound Suppressors:Yes
Mounting rail:Dovetail (11mm)
Stock material:Wood
Extras Included:Magazine, Fill probe

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