Stun Gun Baton 1109 Aluminium Black and Bright Torch

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Stun Gun Baton 1109 Aluminium Black and Bright Torch 

New Maximum Level ii Amps (will not result in death)
3 Mode flashlight feature (dim, bright, flashing/SOS) with good illumination
Powerful Self defence Electric Shock Baton
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Charger Included
Length 370mm Width 30mm Height 30mm

Unit needs to be charged for 8 hours initially and thereafter approximately 8 hours every two months depending on usage

Ideal For:
Safety Precaution - Personal safety, Anytime, Anywhere Self Defence Device For Men & Women, lightwight and easy to carry, electric batons are a good self defense device to protect yourself against would be attackers, vicious animals or even as a deterrent.