Super Bright Green Pointer Laser with Star Cap

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Super Bright Green Pointer Laser with Star Cap

Lifespan of 5000 + Hours
Batteries and Protective Case Included

Ideal for:
The Green laser is much more powerful than the standard red laser and can be used for use in construction projects, evening walking trials, hiking, fishing, deep see fishing, any type of rescue mission, this amazing Green laser can be pointed at any desired target night or day - responsibly.
The Black Rubber Finish High Power Green Laser. True power green laser is hand calibrated and tested and thus offers the expected stunning power expected of a real constant wave green laser, much brighter to look at than a regular red laser and always with a visible green beam. This high power green laser will impress your co-workers, family and friends and may save your life in an emergency. This laser is not intended for pointing at moving cars, airplanes, people, animals, etc.

Warning Do not look intothe parth of the laser beam.  Laser radiation is potentially harmful. Direct eye contact with a laser beam may cause eye injury and therefore should be avoided.  Keep out of reach of children.