Survival Sleeping Bag

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Survival Sleeping Bag

If you go camping, hiking, skiing, fishing or spend anytime outdoors you need the Survival Sleeping Bag. 
This ultra lightweight waterproof sleeping bag uses space grade technology which captures and reflects over 90% of your body heat keeping you warm and safe in the most extreme conditions. 

Protection From the Elements, snow, wind, water and even sun is no match.
The Survival Sleeping Bag will always keep you cozy and comfortable.

Effective Shelter on the Go: 
Never get caught unprepared.
With The Survival Sleeping Bag you will always have shelter to keep you safe and secure.

Peace of Mind: 
Extremely compact and light-weight The Survival Sleeping Bag fits perfectly in any outdoor bag so you'll always be protected. 

Captures and reflects over 90% of body heat 
Ultra lightweight, portable and easy to carry
100% Water Proof
100% Wind Proof
Extremely durable, tear resistant outer lining and shell
Bright orange SOS safety color for emergency situations

Package Includes:
1 x Survival Sleeping Bag