Tactical Messenger Bag Camo Utility Gear Shoulder Sling Backpack Bag Camo

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Tactical Messenger Bag Camo Utility Gear Shoulder Sling Backpack Bag Camo

Camouflage backpack
Heavy duty shoulder strap
Highly durable with a quality finish
Able to add on pouches and accessories
Measures approx 300mm x 170mm x 220mm

Outer Bag Front:
Front lower single zippered compartment which leads to top middel compartment
Front middel single zippered compartment
Front middel single zippered compartment with internal organisation mini pocket and slots leads to lower compartment
Velcro patches attached to front for extra accessories
Multiple Molle compatible webbing in front

Outer Bag Top:
Drawstring type elastic on top for attaching an accessory
Velcro patched attached to top for extra accessories
Zippered compartment with organsation mini pocket

Outer Bag Main:
Zippered main compartment with internal organizational pockets
Zippered mesh compartment with elastic straps

Outer Bag Sides:
Multiple Molle compatible webbing

Outer Bag Bottom:
Multiple Molle compatible webbing at bottom

Outer Bag Shoulder Strap:
Zippered compartment large area
Multiple Molle compatible webbing
Adjustable shoulder strap with quick connect buckle

Outer Bag Back:
Mesh backing
Pocket with a large velcro strip

Ideal for:
This durable and sporty Shoulder Sling Backpack has a lot of storage space for its size to help you organize your gear with multiple zipperred compartments ease of seperating your personal belongings easily and discreetly cell phone car keys wallet camera weapon loose change and other important keep on your body items.  Great for all outdoor activities holiday travel travel abroad general traveling hiking camping fishing cycling hunting etc.