Tippmann Sierra One Tactical Semi Auto Rifle

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Tippmann Sierra One Tactical Semi Auto Rifle

The Tippmann Sierra One is an impressive rifle with various rails for tactical attachments, which can be converted to a fully auto rifle using the Tippmann Response Trigger. The rifle comes with a foldable six position stock that can be extended to accommodate different arm lengths but can also be compacted for close quarter combat situations.

The AR15 (ArmaLite Rifle-15) style magazine adds to the look of the rifle and doubles as a tool kit. There is a flat top picatinny rail along the top of the rifle and rails on all four sides of the shroud, allowing for scopes, red dots, flashlights, lasers or fore grips to be attached.

For a reliable, robust, easy to clean and strip rifle, the Sierra One is your choice.

The Sierra One can be used as a preventative or control measure in the following situations:

Controlling uncooperative or violent suspects
Troop withdrawal
Standoff / barricade situations
Suicide prevention
Riot control
Domestic violence
Prison cell extraction
Realistic scenario and live fire training
Hostage rescue

 Military HK 416-style rifle
Flat top 7/8″ weaver rails along the top and shroud, allowing for tactical attachments to be installed for an advantage
AR15 style magazine with built-in tool storage
Extendable foldable six position stock accommodates different arm lengths
High performance 11″ quick-thread barrel
Includes sling weaver mount on the shroud
Upgradable with E-Grip
Compatible with CO2 or HPA
Cyclone Feed System Tippmann 98 compatible
Tippmann 98 threaded barrel gun
Tippmann’s world-class two year warranty.


Caliber: .68
Action: Semi-automatic open bolt blow back
Power: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen
Hopper capacity: 200
Firing rate: 8bps
Trigger: Standard
Barrel length: 11″
Length: 28.63 – 32.5″
Weight: 4.73lbs (without tank)
Effective range: 150+ ft

1 x Tippmann Sierra One Tactical Semi Auto Rifle
1 x Maintenance Kit is Included
1 x Full Instructions & Repair Manual