Universal 3 in 1 Clip On Camera Lens Kit Wide Angle Fish Eye Macro For Smart Phones

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Universal 3 in 1 Clip On Camera Lens Kit Wide Angle Fish Eye Macro For Smart Phones

A tiny clip-on detachable jelly lens for mobile phones & digital cameras
Works for most mobile devices where the camera lens is not greater than 13mm diameter
The flash light will be blocked when the lens is in use
Portable and detachable, you can take photos with your devices at any time
Get those great snapshots and let those impressive moments become memories
The Lens is attached to a convenient cord/clip so you can leave it attached to yoru device for quick, easy access to fun shots
Comes with: Macro Lens, Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Lens cover, clip, microfiber carry pouch (please note mobile devices are not included)

Fish Eye Specs:
Angle: 175° - 180°
Magnification: 0.33X
Lens Construction :  3 Element 3 Group
Max Diameter: 25mm
Length: 15mm
The Fish Eye Lens allows you to view an image with the range of 180° degrees from right to left on your phone

Wide Angle Specs:
Angle: 130°
Magnification: 0.67X
Lens Construction : 2 Element 2 Group
Max Diameter: 20mm
Length: 11mm
The Wide Angle Lens is suitable to take pictures of large ranges, such as groups of people, buildings and landscape

Macro Specs:
Magnification : 10X
Min Object distance : 10-15mm
Lens Construction : 1 Element 1 Group
Max Diameter: 20mm
Length: 15mm
The Macro Lens, pictures can be taken of tiny objects more clearly and in greater detail

Ideal for:
Become as a smartphone shutterbug with a a 3-in-1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit to turn your phone into a versatile camera.

The kit features fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses, and they attach to the phone via a clip. Clip will attach over camera, lens is then attached to clip.

Lightweight, compact and easy to carry, this kit is perfect for smartphones and tablets with a camera lens up to 9.5mm wide.