Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Rifle Shotgun Pistol Firearm Cleaning Maintenance

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Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Prolong the life of your firearm collection
Completed kit includes most commonly use cleaning tools
3 solid aluminum rods for rifle/pistols
3 solid aluminum rods for shotguns
10 brass wire brushes to fit he following guns - 10/12 gauge, 20/28 gauge, 410, 45cal. 40cal., 357/38cal./9mm, 30cal., 270/280cal., 22 cal. and 17cal.
2 solid brass adaptors for shotgun mops/brushes, and rifle/pistol brushes and mops
5 Mops to fit 10/12gauge, 20/28 gauge, 410, 357-38 cal./9mm and 22cal
2 plastic slotted tips for shotguns and rifle/pistols
2 universal handles
50 cleaning patches
Aluminum storage/carry case included

Ideal for:
Handy cleaning kit, Rifle Pistol Firearm Cleaning Maintenance