VFG Air Rifle Gun Quick Cleaning Pellets 4.5mm .177 cal

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VFG Air Rifle Gun Quick Cleaning Pellets 4.5mm .177 cal
With VFG quick cleaning pellets, all smooth and rifled bores can be cleaned and cared for quickly and reliably.
All you have to do is shoot the pellets from the gun - but making sure they are safely captured!
- .177 cal  4.5mm
- Content approx. 100 pc

How VFG quick cleaning pellets work:

When the weapon is fired, an overpressure occurs that causes the pellet to shrink in length but expand sideways.
As a result, it is pressed against the sides of the barrel (and also into the rifling grooves),
wiping it and polishing it thoroughly.

Normal cleaning:

After each use of your air rifle or air pistol, shoot two VFG quick cleaning pellets, and the barrel is clean.

Thorough cleaning:

At certain intervals, every gun barrel needs to be thoroughly cleaned using a good-quality gun oil (e.g. Ballistol or Ustanol). With VFG quick cleaning pellets, this is easy: Simply soak two pellets in oil and fire them off in turn.
The bore is now coated with a uniform film of oil that will loosen any dirt and metal residues. Then degrease the barrel again by firing dry pellets until they emerge white and without any dirt.

Preservation of your weapon:

If you do not intend to use your air rifle or air pistol for some time, it is strongly recommended to preserve it with gun oil. To do so, follow the same procedure as for thorough cleaning: First oil it with soaked pellets and then, before using the gun again, degrease it using dry pellets.

For external care of your gun, we recommend the practical VFG oiled felts.